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We bring quality live events on air to you.

Read about your favorite on-air shows to find out when they’re playing next! At TLT Power Radio we have a few shows to keep you amused. Whether you’re trying to survive the morning rush on your way to work, or you love listening to TLT Power Radio to wind down in the evening, you can find out about all our radio shows right here.

Music Feed Page

Click here to hear music 24/7 and when we go live, you can listen right here ! Click on the button below .


There’s tons of radio shows to choose from and a myriad of information out there, but we only have a handful of hours each day for entertainment. By choosing TLT Power Radio as your favorite Radio Station, you will immediately be exposed to all the latest developments around the radio world. We don’t only cover entertainment, we’re committed to keeping you informed about everything worth knowing. That’s why we’re the best listening choice for everyone.

TLT Power Radio also takes pride in promoting local Texas music. If you are a band, singer, group and want exposure of your music, drop us a MP3 , and we will broadcast your production.


We are looking for sponsors to keep our station running and current. We can't do this alone. Your support is key to TLT Power Radio. Local businesses, merchants, restaurants,etc can advertise with us. Great rates for everyone.


Hey! Got questions about prizes, promotions, concerts or donations? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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